Infant Island - Sepulcher (!2"/cassette)

Infant Island - Sepulcher (!2"/cassette)

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INFANT ISLAND ‘Sepulcher‘ tape/12" (ZBR188)

For fans of: .gif from god, A Paramount A Love Supreme & Ostraca

A truly incredible leap from their seven-song release, ‘Sepulcher’ has the band firing on all cylinders, somehow managing to conjure up the chaos of .gif from god with the mood of Ostraca. EP of the year? Undoubtedly a contender. Label is variant is red swirl/100 and band is smoke/100, which SOLD OUT. So we now have the updated 2nd leg of the first press, which includes on green smoke and another 50 or stunning Chroma! I wouldn’t expect this leg to last long. And it didn’t. But hey hey we just made some tapes! Get some tapes /77 with an exclusive, cassette-only track!

Cassette /77 (55 purple swirl, 20 gold swirl, 7 purple test dips and 5 gold test dips). 12” vinyl /350. Download code included. 4 songs (5 on the tape).

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