Crowning - Survival/Sickness (12", cassette)

Crowning - Survival/Sickness (12", cassette)

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CROWNING ‘Survival/Sickness‘ tape/12" (ZB235)

For fans of: Carrion Spring, Furnace and Leveless

Boasting members of Itto, Frail Body, Ikaray and Pregnancy Pact, Chicago’s most hospitable local band is finally dropping an LP. Thing is, it’s fucking incredible. Started in 2018, the songs are devoid of filler and instead refined and cut to a staggering degree of potency, with no better place to start than the crushing opener “Caldera”. Falling somewhere between riffy hardcore and screamo/metalcore, my good friends have crafted a truly brilliant piece of art. Speaking of, art by Vanessa Valadez. Noise samples by Justin. Mustache by Lowell. Vocal warm-up rehearsal is all James. The 12”s come on assorted colored vinyl, some with swirls, and the very coveted 25 wax mages, all with an insert and sticker. Cassettes come swirled or on opaque white. Test dips included in Test Box #3 (goes in sale early 2021).

12” vinyl /225, 200 on random color and 25 wax mage. Cassettes /75, 45 dead gull swirl, 25 bone and 5 test dips. Download code included. 8 songs.

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