NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels (12")

NINE ELEVEN - Sentinels (12")

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NINE ELEVENSentinels‘ 12"LP (ZBR089)

For fans of: Isis, Amber, and AmenRa

Not even listed on discogs (which also has an incorrect tracklisting), this is actually a Zegema Beach Records release. We got in on the 2nd press when CanaDave moved to New Zealand, but only 1/4 of our copies had poster inserts so we just never posted them. I guess it’s time. Massive, dark, atmospheric post-hardcore/post-metal from France featuring a member of Amanda Woodward and Burning Bright. One song broken up into five.

2nd press 12” vinyl w/gatefold jacket and poster insert (cheaper copies have no poster). 1 song aka 5 songs.

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