Amygdala - Our Voices Will Soar Forever

Amygdala - Our Voices Will Soar Forever

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AMYGDALA - Our Voices Will Soar Forever (cassetteLP) (ZBR177)

For fans ofLeft Astray, Dad Thighs and Drei Affen.

AMYGDALA and Zegema Beach Records have nearly crossed paths release-wise so many times in the past, it makes releasing their 2019 LP ‘Our Voices Will Soar Forever’ on cassette all that much sweeter. This tape version of Prosthetic Records’ 12” vinyl is available on either white/pink swirl or transparent purple/pink swirl, both of which look stunning. 11 tracks of very progressive and political hardcore/crust/screamo from California.

47 tapes over 3 variants (+5 test tapes) w/j-card. 9 songs.
25 on white/pink swirl
19 on purple/pink swirl
3 on black swirl

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