Apostles of Eris / Raining - Split (cassette)

Apostles of Eris / Raining - Split (cassette)

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APOSTLES OF ERIS / RAINING - Split (cassette) (ZBR151)

For fans ofMihai Edrisch, Raein, In Loving Memory and Infant Island.

A very diy split, U.S./Canada’s APOSTLES OF ERIS knock out 5 songs of European inspired screamo/post-hardcore and features members of Altar Of Complaints, Majorel, In Wolves’ Clothing, Mrtex, The World That Summer, Swallows Nest, etc while New Zealand’s RAINING added two new members and a whole lot more screaming and chaos. Beautiful Chinese artwork with layout by Dave Cullen and packaging by Dave Norman.

100 tapes. 50 clear w/blue sparkle and 50 clear w/gold sparkle. Each tape variant comes in 25 o-cards and 25 swirled marble cases. and an insert. 5 songs by each band. Download code included.

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