Coherence - EP (cassette)

Coherence - EP (cassette)

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For fans of: The Rabbit Theory, Animal Faces, Twelve Hour Turn.

“COHERENCE is from Oakland, CA. The band presents some of their lyrics in English and some in Arabic. It appears it may be based on which of the two vocalist is behind voice or perhaps it's a different use that I haven't detected. Musically you'll probably detect something along the lines of older bands like Torches To Rome or Bread And Circuits. The music is upbeat punk, yet introspective sounding due to what seems to be an unorthodox choice in melodic chord phrasings. "Kitchen Sink" is their outlier, clocking in at four minutes and packing in a nice dynamic ride which showcases all the bands music ability.” - Tom Schlatter.

Red glitter tape in a case w/lyrics and jcard. 5 songs.

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