Coma Regalia - Vau Faelgoh (12")

Coma Regalia - Vau Faelgoh (12")

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COMA REGALIA - Vau Faelgoh 12" (ZBR150)

For fans of: Orchid, Funeral Diner and Beau Navire.

The new COMA REGALIA, to put it lightly, fucking owns. 11 tracks of desperately passionate/cathartic screamo from the mind, fingers, feet and lungs of Shawn Decker (Middle Man Records). This is the angriest, fastest and most chaotic of all their material. Pre-order version gets a pop-up style forest green /100, and we have another few regular forest greens and then some black to back it all up.

12” vinyl on black/300, forest green/200 (100 of those have pop-up covers). 11 songs. Download code included.

Listen here: