Elle - ... 12"

Elle - ... 12"

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ELLE - ... (12"LP)

ELLE - Ellipses 12"LP (ZBR170)

For fans of: Loma Prieta, Lessener and Beau Navire.

Gorgeous west-coast U.S. screamo from members of Beau Navire, Loma Prieta, Sailboats and Monuments Collapse (to name just a few). This is ELLE’s second full length and contains 9 songs of explosive/emotive hardcore with some beautiful Swedish influence. Imagine if Suis La Lune and Loma Prieta had a baby.

Note from the band:
Elle was formed in 2015 by a group of close friends in Oakland, CA. We wanted to translate our emotions into a medium where we could not only express ourselves, but connect deeply with others. We are always humbled by the amazing community that supports this type of music - punk, diy. Always remember your roots.

... or 'Ellipsis' for us was a very reflective record. Much of the album is melodic like our last LP “She” but also has heavier, darker and melancholy pieces throughout. We feel like this was the next step in our journey. Also as we get older I believe we all grapple with changing emotions and how to cope with the darker sides of life and modern society. Even sometimes feeling lost in our path back to feelings of joy and peace.

We were very pumped to record this record again with our good friend Jack Shirley at his newer’ish studio in Oakland, CA - The Atomic Garden East.

We are also honored and humbled to have work with our labels Zegema Beach Records (CA), Dog Knights Productions (EU) on this release. The US release/distro portion, we will be fronting as a band and self releasing.

12” vinyl/500, 200 on ultra clear and 300 on black. Download code included.

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