.Gif from God - Approximation of a Human (cassette)

.Gif from God - Approximation of a Human (cassette)

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.GIF FROM GOD - approximation_of_a_human (cassetteLP) (ZBR178)

For fans ofMe And Him Call It Us, Coarse and Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza

Zegema Beach and .gif from god have been working together since the band's inception, so it with both great privilege and excitement that we are able to offer you a cassette version of the Prosthetic Records 12"LP 'approximation_of_a_human'. Mixing maniacal mathcore with chilling shrieks and death growls, this conglomerate has explored well outside of their other groups (Ostraca, Truman, Kaoru Nagisa, etc.) and concocted a truly remarkable collection of songs that will do no less than pulverize and haunt you. We also have 10 specials available for only $10 that include the first LP ‘Defragmented…reformatted’ on red w/sparkle j-card bundled with the new album ‘approximation_of_a_human’ on blue/gold sparkle tapes.

250 tapes over 3 variants w/j-card. 12 songs.
100 painted marble swirl (50 ZBR/50 band)
100 blue/gold glitter (ZBR exclusive)
50 light blue (band copies)

Listen here:
coming soon via Prosthetic Records