Girl Arm - Outside Language (cassette)

Girl Arm - Outside Language (cassette)

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(ZBR136) - GIRL ARM - Outside Language

For fans ofNorth Of America, Faraquet and Tera Melos

Originally released digitally in 2012, Zegema Beach Records fell in love and asked for some tapes, to which the band agreed. So here we are with 33 tapes of one of the best Canadian math-rock albums of the last decade. Mixing equal parts jangly North Of America with the sassiness of For The Mathematics (p.s. same drummer!) these 8 tunes are as fun as they are jarring. Definitely influenced by Faraquet and At The Drive In.

Pale yellow tinted cassette/30 with j-card (blue sparkle/white sparkle/two-color blue) and gold foil ZBR stamp /30. 8 tracks.

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