GOSSIP - Coals of Juniper (10")

GOSSIP - Coals of Juniper (10")

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GOSSIP ‘Coals of Juniper‘ 10”EP (ZB348)

For fans of: Mahria, Old Soul, and Nuvolascura.

Portland’s GOSSIP finally lays down a lone release after their gripping two-song contribution to the Apostles Of Eris split 12” released a few years back. With new members this outfit rocked the ZBR Fest 2023 pre-show and now move that aural assault to your ears whenever you please. This 10” features four blistering, atmospheric, and noodley screamo/emo-violence/post-hardcore tracks that span nearly 20 minutes and cover a ridiculous amount of ground in each jam.

10”s /250: 125 x Black’n’White w/purple splatter and 125 x Purple/White color-in-color. Includes insert. 4 tracks.

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