In Wolves Clothing - Self Titled (cassette)

In Wolves Clothing - Self Titled (cassette)

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IN WOLVES CLOTHING - In Wolves Clothing cassetteEP (ZBR132)

For fans ofBeau Navire, Ostraca, Perfect Blue, Kelut and Majorel

Another Richmond, Virginia band fucking lighting it up. IN WOLVES CLOTHING (formerly Pigeon Meeting) share members with some incredible past and present bands including, but not limited to, .gif from godMothlightYusukeGas Up Yr Hearse!MajorelAltar Of ComplaintsмятежVan HagärSmoke Signals and Skull Kid. They have their own thing going on but to say the band is far removed from their other projects would be misleading. It's screamy hardcore. They utilize multiple vocalists. They go nuts. They take it easy. Some songs are a little over a minute. Some are five minutes plus.

White cassette/75 with j-card. 5 tracks.

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