KARLOFF - Karloff (cd)

KARLOFF - Karloff (cd)

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For fans of: Honeywell, Envy and Caught In The Fall

Hailing from the Southern Ontario screamo scene, this band has been making waves since their inception. Beyond intense live shows, fostering a local music community, member changes, and now after three years of work, their debut LP is upon us. Raw, vicious, unhinged, noisy, scathing, ugly, violent, cathartic - any and all of these are apt descriptors for the 10 songs spanning nearly 30 minutes of genre infusion. Channeling the immediacy of Reversal Of Man, the restraint of Envy, and the vocal destruction of Honeywell. Features members of No Funeral Records, Dead Friend Collective, Paper Hats, and Sadfie.


CD comes in jewel case. 10 songs.

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