Loftus - Trust the Shark - A Discography (cassette)

Loftus - Trust the Shark - A Discography (cassette)

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For fans of: Heavy Heavy Low Low, Daughters and Orchid.

Beginning in Seal Beach in 2002, California's LOFTUS have been shrouded in mystery and lore for well over a decade. Today, we bring you the complete collected archives of their material including their LP and EP alongside obscure demos and an unfinished EP that is seeing the light of day for the first time.

From throttling, screamy metalcore to trippy space-rock, fans of Orchid, Daughters, The Bled and Isis will be mind-fucked on how they missed out on LOFTUS for so many years. 'Trust the Shark: A Discography' comes on three gorgeous variants over 110 copies:

66 'Heart in the Dark' swirl
30 'Gimme Halfsies' half pink/half light blue
10 'Hugs and Drugs' gold-plated swirl w/golden ticket & sparkle cover
5 test dips

RIP Davis Miller ❤ ❤ ❤

Tapes /110, numbered w/tracklist insert, j-card and download code.

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