Mahria - Analemma (cassette)

Mahria - Analemma (cassette)

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(ZBR192) - MAHRIA - Analemma (cassetteLP)

For fans of: Nuvolascura, New Forms, Rayleigh and Frail Hands.

Recorded in 2014. Band breaks up and it’s shelved. Released digitally in 2017. All sales went to charity. Released on cassette tape by Zegema Beach Records TODAY!!! 7 variants, including 30 Charity Swirls. The blueprint for technical, screamy hardcore in Canada and abroad. Think Ampere, Loma Prieta, Kidcrash and Nuvolascura blended into a fine puree. All digital proceeds go to Edmonton's Treaty 6 Community Outreach, as well as all sales from the 30 Charity Swirls.

100 dark transparent blue (30 available through Polar Summer Records)
30 Charity Swirl (purple)
30 yellow/silver swirl
6 clear
6 transparent yellow
5 test dips (available through ZBR Box Set #2)
3 super special versions

If you are interested in hearing new projects by these members, be sure to check out:
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Truster (Stacy)
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Rayleigh (Paul and Michael)

Listen here: