Majorel - Restless in Memory (cassette)

Majorel - Restless in Memory (cassette)

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(ZBR077) - MAJOREL - 'Memory in Restlessness' cassette

released April 4th, 2017

Richmond, Virginia’s MAJOREL, the newest addition to the label’s impressive catalogue, resembles the acclaimed aesthetic of screamo / post hardcore explorers like NEIL PERRY, WELCOME THE PLAGUE YEAR, CAPSULE, and features heart-wrenching multi-vocals, smart changes of pace and well-thought dynamics that will keep you engaged throughout the entire listen. The end result is a body of work that praises the golden era of screamo bands under the Level-Plane Records umbrella and pushes the subgenre in a bold continuous direction, hopefully putting it back at the forefront of the DIY hardcore culture once again.

“Restless In Memory” by MAJOREL is available on April 4th on lavender tapes via Zegema Beach Records and will come in a clear plastic shell.

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