Malevich - Our Hollow (cassette)

Malevich - Our Hollow (cassette)

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MALEVICH - Our Hollow (cassetteLP) (ZBR169)

For fans ofRorcal, Tentacles and Meth.

Crushing, devastating and haunting, the new LP by Georgia’s MALEVICH will fucking floor you. Dual guitars of death, tri-vocals, vicious drumming and mammoth bass. ‘Our Hollow’ is a twisting ride through bleak, discordant catharsis and broken stagnation. Malevich distort the boundaries between the aggressive and esoteric; angular guitars with pulsing blast beats pull the listener into moments of tortured reflection..

50 tapes, 10 on black and 40 on swirled marble w/j-card. 9 songs. Download code included.