Malisa Bahat - Thus Far (cassette)

Malisa Bahat - Thus Far (cassette)

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MALIŠA BAHAT - Thus Far (cassetteLP) (ZBR160)

For fans of: A Paramount, A Love Supreme, Truman and Saetia

‘Thus Far’ is the collecting of works by Zagreb, Croatia’s MALIŠA BAHAT by Zegema Beach Records, who have been obsessed with the band ever since their ‘Only In Distance‘ debut EP. ‘Thus Far’ collects the 6 songs from said debut, 2 songs from their ‘Lack of Soul split’ as well as 3 new songs from their ‘ZMAR split’ and a previously unreleased Saetia cover of “Becoming The Truth“!  Photos/art by David Norman. Layout/design by Dave Cullen.

Since we sold out of our tapes, these are the Utarid Records edition, extremely cool full box. 12 songs.

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