Meditations in Affinity - Confluence (7")

Meditations in Affinity - Confluence (7")

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Meditations in Affinity - Confluence (7")

For fans of: Terry green, Eyelet, Kid Feral, Big Water, killer splits

Our fourth installment of the Meditations In Affinity series is the riffiest, bluest, most Sweden infused 7" in the series. It features new jams from Ontario-elite TERRY GREEN, Baltimore's EYELET (who have a killer LP coming out soon), Sweden's screamo sweethearts KID FERAL (who supply two tracks) and BIG WATER, our thud-loving friends from Kansas. 600 7"s across two variants from ourselves as well as the always reliable The Ghost Is Clear Records. These should be shipping Mid to late October.

300 black

300 blue