Modern Rifles - LP + B-sides (cassette)

Modern Rifles - LP + B-sides (cassette)

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MODERN RIFLES - 'LP + B-Sides' cassetteLP (ZBR141)

For fans ofBlue Youth, Riddle Of Steel and Jimmy Eat World.

Originally released on cd in 2008 minus three key tracks, MODERN RIFLES’ ‘It Was Dark, I Was Young’ LP. Beautifully melodic, frustratingly catchy with enough technical chops to fix your ailing computer woes. They really do their own thing but it’s a mish-mash of mathy emo, pop-punk and indie rock with a splash of post-hardcore. A faster, darker, more complex version of Jimmy Eat World is probably a good comparison.

cassette on green/25 and old computer/25 with different cover and insert variants. 14 songs. Download code included.