Oktober Skyline - Diskokraphy

Oktober Skyline - Diskokraphy

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(ZBR203) - OKTOBER SKYLINE - Diskokraphy (cassetteLP) 

For fans of: The Sawtooth Grin, Daughters and Euclid C Finder.

This is the ultimate OKTOBER SKYLINE collection, that ridiculous band that existed from 2002-2007 in Allentown, PA. This 21-track 'Diskokraphy' compiles the 2002 'Demo' cdrEP, 2003 'Oktober Skyline' 7"EP, 2004 'That's How Tripods Work' cd/12"LP and their final 2006 split 7" with Get To The Chopper. Abrasive, chaotic and panic-ridden, the five-piece put on a cataclysmic live show (just check the videos) and will definitely get the juices flowing for any fans of: The Sawtooth Grin, Ed Gein, Daughters, Antarctica, Tower Of Rome, Euclid C Finder and Hayworth. Drummer Jared currently plays in Secret Cutter and Orphan Donor. Limited to 75 cassettes w/download code:

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