PASTEL / MERRIDEW - Split (12")

PASTEL / MERRIDEW - Split (12")

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For fans of: Suis La Lune, Old Gray, Envy and Explosions In The Sky.

This split is like the offset to the Oaken/Marnost split. This is one of ZBR's more chill releases. PASTEL play a beautiful, thick-yet-twinkly style of post-rock/screamo that reminds me a lot of Suis La Lune and newer Death Of Anna Karina. MERRIDEW is a one-man band that plays ethereal instrumental music that combines a lot of layers, relaxing melodies as well as more aggressive moments. For fans of Explosions In The Sky and Tomydeepestego.

Silkscreened b-side on black vinyl/300.

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