CARA NEIR - Phantasmal (12"LP)

CARA NEIR - Phantasmal (12"LP)

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CARA NEIR ‘Phantasmal‘ 12"LP (ZB290)

For fans of: Horse The Band, Gonemage, and An Albatross

Building off of the immensely dense and imaginative story/album ‘Phase Out’, the prolific CARA NEIR has released the second of three experimental black metal, chip-tune, hardcore, screamo albums in their video game + music series. ‘Phantasmal’ is a survival horror game. Chris and Garry find themselves warped from The One's RPG Gauntlet into a darker dimension known as Saint Succipio. Pulling the strings of this sinister and strangely familiar place is a pale entity known as Rex. Set in what seems like a suburban neighborhood, yet off-kilter with its eerie silence and inhuman presence lurking the deeper one ventures. Released across 289 12”s by the absolute legends at Wax Mage / Gotta Groove:
159 “Hellfire Rex Swirl“ red
105 “Health Points Infinity” OG handmade splatter
25 “Save Data Corrupted By Portals” Wax Mage
5 Test Presses

Includes two-sided insert and stickers (only included in the Hellfire Rex Swirl). 1 in 10 Hellfire Rex Swirl will be switched out for a mage or OG splatter, so if you miss on the initial drop then you still have a chance at scoring the  more sought after variants. 16 tracks.

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