RIAH - Autumnalia (12")

RIAH - Autumnalia (12")

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For fans of: Omega Massif, Ornaments, Russian Circles and Pelican.

“Autumnalia tells about the Fall season as the beginning of the transience of life. The band members say: “Our music starts with the idea that Autumn is not the ghost of death that crawls on summer's path, but it's the very chance to re-start, to die and to rise as a new being, a new spirit, a new mind.”

Riah describes their sound as "a mixture of beauty and brutality" that shout out loud from their music. And that’s what Autumnalia is: The result of the hard work on the instruments, months spent trying, destroying and rebuilding the songs; months filled with mistakes, wrong turns, sweat that had taken the band to give birth at this album: a collection of songs that tell a lot about humanity, about the inner struggle of every human.

Listening to Autumnalia, you will undertake a journey that will lead you through rage, fear, inner pace, dreamlike visions of light, through paranoia and serenity, through love and hatred, through childish nightmares and ancient poetry.”

Released on Shove Records.

12” on ? vinyl with lyric insert. ? songs.

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