Sarin - Darker Lakes (12")

Sarin - Darker Lakes (12")

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ZBR082 Release date: July 25th, 2017
For fans of: Isis, Neurosis and Old Man Gloom

A stunning debut 12"LP, Toronto Ontario's SARIN have been releasing EPs since 2012 and playing with the likes of Poison The Well. Continually evolving, this record showcases Oceanic-era Isis as a primary inspiration, but branching out with eclectic clean vocals, more technicality and increased keyboard usage. The stunning 12" is on blue wax, was engineered and mixed by Alex Gamble, mastered by Brad Boatright, and is the epitome of post-hardcore/post-metal. This is a corelease between Zegema Beach Records, Dingleberry Records, Arkan Records, R.I.P. In Peace Records & Dead Punx Records.

12" vinyl on blue /200 with insert. 6 songs. Download code included with three bonus tracks.

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