USURP SYNAPSE - AssIIAss - early bird edition (tape)

USURP SYNAPSE - AssIIAss - early bird edition (tape)

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USURP SYNAPSE ‘Polite Grotesqueries - AssIIAss edition‘ tape (ZB359)

For fans of: Lower Automation, Jeromes Dream, and Abandoncy

After two decades of dormancy, Usurp Synapse has exploded into 2024 with numerous shows and now this brand spankin’ new EP of seven wonky, weirdo, and panic-inducing noise-rock/screamo/hardcore. Sorry about the cost, we had these rushed in 6 days so we had to pay double the price.

Cassettes /128: 75 Fucking Gross swirl, THIS-> 25 Old Man Early-Bird swirl <-THIS, 20 Green Puke, and 5 test dips w/matching cases, each with double-sided j-card w/lyrics. 7 songs.