WRECK OF THE MINOTAUR - A Little Roy One On One (cassette)

WRECK OF THE MINOTAUR - A Little Roy One On One (cassette)

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WRECK OF THE MINOTAURA Little Roy One On One’ cassette EP (TTT021)

For fans of: Enkephalin, Motel Bible and Tower Of Rome.

Originally released in 2009, the abrasive, grindy, mathy explosion that is the 'A Little Roy One On One' EP has been the only material released by the UK's WRECK OF THE MINOTAUR. We decided to give it the special swirl treatment here at TTT /50, with 35 coming on 'Bloody Bloody Murder swirl' and 10 on 'Dead Red' w/sparkle covers, and the remaining five test dip copies 'We're All A Little Rex Here' with swirled cases. Fans of screamy, techy hardcore/metal such as Psyopus, Machinist and Destroyer Destroyer will be smitten, no doubt.

Tapes /50, 35 on swirl, 10 on red and 5 test dips, all w/jcard and download code. 5 songs.

Listen here: