Yarostan / Aleska - 2xLP Split (cassette)

Yarostan / Aleska - 2xLP Split (cassette)

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(ZBR155) - YAROSTAN / ALESKA - 2xLP split (cassette) 

For fans of: Daïtro, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, Envy, Amanda Woodward and We Never Learned To Live

A Zegema Beach Records exclusive, this 70+ minute cassette features two unreal new full lengths from France. Side A is YAROSTAN’s phenomenal debut 5-track album that includes dual vocals and some excellent singing that almost extends to 12XU and Baton Rouge territory. Side B houses ALESKA’s new 8-track full length that also boasts dual screams, albeit a bit heavier and with a nice grasp of riding the extremes.

20 four-color marble swirl tapes (sold out)

30 solid silver metallic sparkle cassettes with j-card in a plastic sleeve /54. 13 songs. Download code included.

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